Resolve Blog: Future of Photo Books


    Our friend Miki Johnson over at LiveBooks asked us to contribute to an open-sourced discussion on the Resolve Blog here.  The idea of the discussion is based around the future of photo books in 10 years.  I’m always interested in helping open the lines of communication in the photographic community so I’m happy to contribute a few thoughts.  I would like to start off by saying that these are just ideas and thoughts on the subject, and I would never venture as to predict such an unforeseeable future.

    This brings me to my first point and dilemma in approaching the question.  There is no right answer yet.  The future of the photo book is tied to the future of an industry-in-transition.

    I feel a little more qualified to speak on how I see the digital age effecting the content of the photography book.  In terms of the essay-based book, there is definitely a new, communal approach to creating a finished product.  In years past, a project was often a very secretive and proprietary piece, one in which a tight collaboration between the photographer and editor shaped the direction of the book.  For many, this process will stay the same. But, for a newer generation of photographers, this process seems likely to change.  The age of blogging, Twitter, shared editing space on the web, Facebook, and other collaborative tools have shifted the editing process from a small team to the community at large.  What many websites, blogs, and other online publications have done –and what we’re trying to do at Luceo –is open up a conversation with our community.  This offers our readers the chance to see the evolution of an essay in real time, the ability to share thoughts and opinions, and space to offer critique or praise.