Weekly Roundup | 4-2

    April Fools week, 2010.  Not even the slightest amount of foolishness in wishing Michael Rubenstein a happy 104th birthday this last week.  Half of Luceo is out on the road in one capacity or another, shooting on assignment and for projects.  We’ve been really pleased to share some of this stuff in preliminary snippets and are always happy to have your comments.  A special thanks is in order for a few of the commenters like Troy Harvey, Jim Heinrich, Thuy-Doan, Bettina Hansen, The Photo Brigade, and The Click.  We always appreciate thoughtful comments and writeups on our work and are happy to have had these folks pop up on the radar this week.  

    Another special thanks to the Wilson family in northern Montana for tolerating Matt Slaby’s camera for the entire day of April Fools.

    And the week wouldn’t be complete without the banter on Facebook and Twitter.  Here’s a few of our favorites over the last seven days:


    Jenn & Tim ackermangruber

    Keyhole Photo keyholephoto

    Thomas Cain ThomasCain

    The Photo Brigade PhotoBrigade

    Chris Jordan multimedialinks


    Erin L Ashford

    Neil Osborne

    Greg Cooper

    Riaz Spence Mesbah