You Guess It

    A new week and a new theme! Every other week we at LUCEO post iPhone and archive photos as part of a challenge that involves you, dear photography lover. We post photos Monday through Thursday based on a secret theme provided by a photographer or blogger or anyone in the photo industry, then we wait for you to guess the theme and write it in the comments by Thursday. Every other Friday, we will announce who guessed right first or who was closest. If you play your cards right, there might just be a prize involved. (Keep in mind, not every photo has to blatantly follow that theme, but all the photo clues together will spell it out.)

    This week’s theme picker is commercial photographer Casey Templeton, who is based in Richmond, Virginia. Although you may recognize his name and images from CPOY and National Geographic, he has recently done some amazing rebranding and focuses now on work for commercial clients. (Check out this awesome self-promo that blew us away here.) He also recently became a father — congrats! See his photos on his site here and blog here.

    UPDATE: Well, honestly, I can’t believe someone guessed it by Friday, but we have a winner! This was a hard theme to illustrate but Matt McLoone guessed it with ORGANIC. Matt, email Kendrick ( and tell her You Guessed It!



    Casey Templeton Photo



    Daryl Peveto Photo


    Daryl Peveto Photo



    Daryl Peveto Photo


    Kendrick Brinson Photo


    youguessitKendrick Brinson Photo

    20100311_Vegas_007David Walter Banks Photo



    David Walter Banks Photo