Transience: Farewell for Now


    To you, my dear and faithful reader, I regret to inform that my Transience column will be discontinued as a regularly occurring piece, although work from the project will still pop up from time to time in posts as time and resources allot. Unfortunately a heavy travel schedule along with a lack of time and resources needed to shoot film and hit the road on a bi-weekly basis has proven difficult.  I will however have a brand-spanking new column coming down the pipeline in the near future so watch out for it.  But, before I bid adieu, I give you little peeks at a massage parlor inside a truck-stop motel in windy Kansas, a strip club and rest stop in sunny Florida, and of course some roadside wooden-cutout evangelism in good ole’ South Carolina.  As my ongoing exploration of the transient trucker lifestyle and the lure of the road continues I’ll share as I can, and I encourage you ,my dear reader, to keep on truckin’. 

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