LOOKbetween 2010


    This year LUCEO was invited to participate in and nominate other photographers for a brand new event that the LOOK3 folks decided to try in their break from normal programming for The Festival of the Photograph. Dubbed LOOKbetween, they invited 100 emerging photographers to camp out at Deep Rock Farm in Crozet, Virginia for a weekend. The idea was to take LOOK3 and turn it on its head, making it about the work of younger photographers and inviting industry professionals to attend and check out the work during nightly projections on a large inflatable screen overlooking a lake. To say it was an amazing weekend would be an understatement, as I was able to catch up with so many of my favorite people, meet photographers I’d followed for years and to have some intimate and honest conversations about the current state of our profession and the practice of photography as art and a vehicle for communication.


    Late the first night as I stood in a circle of friends under the starlight, a bottle of whiskey making its way around, a glaring headlamp walked into the clearing blinding me momentarily. A heavily-tattooed arm was thrust towards me and the man behind the headlamp says, “Hey Matt, it’s Mark Murrmann from Mother Jones.” Though I shot my first assignment for Mark in 2008, this was the first time I’d been able to meet him and it was over a bottle of whiskey, in the dark, in the woods, in the middle of nowhere. I can’t think of a better way to meet editors. The weekend was a wonderful experience and greatly helped me to recharge my batteries. There is much more to be said about my experience instead I’ll direct you to Jonathan Blaustein’s nice write-up a while back on A Photo Editor. All-in-all, this weekend was the nicest family reunion I could imagine. Thanks so much to the LOOK3 folks including Andrew Owen, Jenna Pirog and Nick Nichols for putting it on and hosting us!