Let us ‘Flattr’ You and Have a Drink on Us!

    What is Flattr?

    Flattr is a social micro-payment system to support art. You pay a small monthly fee and you bestow money on good work by just clicking the Flattr button on sites. The more times you click, the more that money is divided each month.
    Flattr helps you support people making and doing beautiful things.
    Watch the video here (http://flattr.com/) to see how it works and how simple it is.

    OK, so why do we want you to join?

    We want YOU to join Flattr because we want to support you. Every month we will “Flattr” good work and reward it with funding.
    Essentially, we want you to have a drink, be it a cup of coffee or a shot of whiskey, on LUCEO.

    Why do we want to give you money?

    We think good work should be rewarded. LUCEO’s core is built upon helping the photo community in any way we can. This is just another way to give back to the amazing photographers out there. You work hard and we want you to have a tank of gas or a beer, or six, on us!

    Each month we’ll ask for links to your projects and we’ll draw a winner or winners who we think have earned a drink.