FLATTR’d | December’s Tab Goes To van Houtryve

    Tomas Van Houtryve is a photographic force to be reckoned with.  The VII Network photographer speaks several languages, has been recognized by some of the highest honors in the industry, and has been busy producing a tour de force essay looking at the spectrum of modern day communism.  This work has led him through the seven remaining countries where the Communist Party is still in power, including a cleverly orchestrated tour of the almost impossibly closed North Korea.  Van Houtryve explains: “no two of them are alike. They range from utterly terrifying and totalitarian to surprisingly optimistic. The most recent segment that I completed was Vietnam. The people there have rebounded from the war with pragmatism and resilience.”

    The latest installment in his project focuses on Vietnam, pictured in this post.

    We selected Van Houtryve as January’s recipient of our monthly Flattr-ing not just because he’s one hell of a photographer.  We chose him because we see his early adoption of crowdfunding platforms as being forward-thinking and ideologically in line with our values.  Van Houtryve elaborates, “[t]aking risks in photography and journalism requires courage. That courage is always easier to summon when other people show their support, and Flattr is a fairly painless way to do so.”  

    That’s not to say that Flattr is a cure-all; it’s not.  It needs your content and your support.  Says Van Houtryve, “The main thing that Flattr needs is more people to be adding interesting content. I run across items on the internet all the time that I would love to Flattr, but don’t have a button. If a high density of quality photography builds up on Flattr, it will attract attention and support. Luceo’s photographers are really a welcome addition.”

    If you value good photography, please join us in Flattr-ing LUCEO’s monthly pick, Tomas Van Houtryve.  And while you’re at it, heed his words and sign up, add your content to the mix, and share your support for top-notch photographer. 

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