Weekly Roundup | 3-18

    Daylight savings has finally arrived.  Which means that we can get up an hour later to catch the morning light.  And we can have our evening light a little later.  Spring is definitely a season for photographers.  At least that’s what we think.

    We also think that Jared Soares –and his photography –are pretty awesome.  That’s why we Flattr’d his project on Martinsville, Virginia in order to wish him a happy night out at the bar (or a more pragmatic tank of gas to keep the project going).  Be sure to take a peek at his work and, if you feel the same as us, give him a little Flattr’ing too.  It takes three simple steps to get on the giving train so, if you’re so inclined, sign up and join us:

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    3. Join us in Flattr-ing Jared Soares’s project

    Also in the spirit of crowdfunded projects, be sure to check out Matt Eich’s latest project on Emphas.is.  He has 34 days left to raise his goal of $5200.  You can learn more about it by clicking here.


     Stephen M. Barrett
     Brendon Stuart

     Amelie Photographie (Emily Godwin)

     Justin Cook

    Allegra Wilde

     Kent Nishimura

     Ian Bates

     Andrew Spear

     Ann Arbor Miller

     Dan Gerber

    Leah Katherine

     Adam Cairns

     Jacquelyn Martin

     Garvin Kelly

     Malarchy Helterskelter

     Scott Brauer

     Mark Tipple

     Nathan Clendenin

     Carlos A. Moreno

     One, One Thousand | A Publication of Southern Photography

     Russel Daniels

     Meral Guler

     If You Leave

     Ayush Ranka

     Bernal Revert – Brussels photography

     Matthew Craig





























    Rich-Joseph Facun


    Stephen M. Barrett

    Phil McMichael

    The Mirthmobile

    Matt Nager


    Alex Boerner

    Michael de`Oz

    Nate Barksdale

    Justin Jach



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