Dinnertime Portraits

    My wife Jen is out of town for two weeks – a week back east and a week in Lisbon with her mom. This is her first time away from Finn since his birth 17 months ago. She really needs a vacation. Her first day away I sent some iPhone images to keep her close to home, but she asked me instead for a portrait of Finn, something of his face to see how he looks right now. 

    I decided to take some photos that evening during dinner so that she would have them and because I knew this would be my only chance to catch him somewhat still – he is in constant motion. The one downside to this is that he is stuffing his face – he loves food. 

    Tonight’s Dinner: 
    English peas
    sweet potatoes
    Purple, White and Nantes Carrots
    Chicken and Sun-dried Tomato Meatballs
    Broccoli, Pea and; Pear puree
    Strawberry Yogurt
    Apple/Cranberry Juice  

    During the meal he reached over to grab his giraffe and give him a hug and a kiss. He is such a sweet boy. My neighbors asked me today how I was coping with Jen being away. I told them it was a blessing to have this much time to spend with Finn. Indeed it has been a reminder to savor these moments. 

    When I went into his room this morning, he stood up in bed and kissed his giraffe. Then when I picked him up he made the giraffe kiss me on the cheek. 

    Jen gets home in a week, then I leave for a week in Kansas, then two weeks in Santa Fe and Virginia. I miss him already.