LUCEO and FotoVisura at NYPH’11

    LUCEO photographers Matt Eich and David Walter Banks will be in NYC May 10th-15th for speaking engagements in cooperation with the 2011 New York Photo Festival and the FotoVisura Pavilion.  You can catch up with them at any of the following speaking engagements or the PDN Photo Annual Party.  They hope to see you there or on the streets during the festivities.  For client meeting inquiries, please contact Banks directly at or 706.296.3085.

    Friday,  May 13th @7pm
    St. Ann’s Warehouse, 38 Water St., Dumbo, Brooklyn
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    Matt Eich will deliver an artist talk about the development of long-term projects and his approach to building relationships with the people he photographs while sharing two ongoing book-length bodies of work. Other topics to be discussed are methods for funding extensive documentary projects, collaboration and creative community.

    The artist talk is connected to the work Eich will be showing in the festival, which is part of Enrico Bossan’s curation, “Hope”. This year’s main exhibitions, curated by Enrico Bossan and Elisabeth Biondi (on show at the 81 Front Street Storefront) are presented under the shared rubric PHOTOGRAPHY NOW: engaged, personal, and vital. They offer distinct perspectives on a shared theme: the state of documentary photography today.

    Bossan’s show, entitled Hope, features the work of young photographers who, in his words, “neither provide a faithful representation of reality nor create an illusion, but who have impressed me with their ability to capture the essential aspects of life.” These artists include Olivia Arthur, Clemence de Limburg, Matt Eich, Simona Ghizzoni, Andrea Gjestvang, Sean Lee, Margo Ovcharenko, Andy Spyra,Mikhael Subotzky, Ali Taptik and Peter van Agtmael. Bossan grants that photography can portray the world at its bleakest, but suggests that it can also—and, in fact, must—remain oriented toward what lies ahead.

    E-Cite: The Phenomena of Online Blogs and Magazines
    Saturday, May 14th @ 4pm
    St. Anne’s Warehouse, 38 Water St. DUMBO, Brooklyn
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    LUCEO’s David Walter Banks will serve as a panelist in a discussion moderated by James Estrin, Co-Editor of the NY Times Lens Blog & Senior Staff Photographer; with panelists including: Kira Pollack: Director of Photography, Time Magazine; Holly Stuart Hughes, Executive Editor, PDN; David Walter Banks, Luceo Images; Adriana Teresa Letorney, Publisher, Visura Magazine/

    Cocktail will follow the Talk from 6:30-9pm.

    Saturday, May 14th with Potluck @7pm and Slideshow @9pm  
    St. Ann’s Warehouse, 38 Water St., Dumbo, Brooklyn, 11201
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    Please join Slideluck Potshow and The New York Photo Festival for Slideluck Potshow XVI at the legendary St. Ann’s Warehouse this Saturday, May 14th in Dumbo, Brooklyn!  Ticket availability is limited and can be purchased here (

    The slideshow was curated by Whitney Johnson, Director of Photography for The New Yorker, and the theme is UPHEAVAL. Keep in mind that this is a potluck dinner!  They ask everyone to bring something delicious to share – including Tasting Hour participants.   

    Participating photographers include LUCEO’s Matt Eich along with a lot of talented photographers including:
    Alex Fradkin  *  Alex Webb  *  Benjamin Sklar  *  Bruce Gilden  *  Carolyn Drake  *  Chris Hondros  *  Dominic Bracco  *  Dominic Nahr  *  Elena Dorfman  *  James Pomerantz  *  JR  *  Krisanne Johnson  *  Iwan Baan  *   Landon Nordeman *  Luca Zanier  *  Luis Ladron de Guevara  *  Lyle Owerko  *  M. Scott Brauer  *  M. Wesley Ham *  Mari Bastashevski  *  Mark Peterson  *  Martin Usborne  *  Matt Eich  *  Melanie Burford  *  Michael Christopher Brown  *  Natasja Fourie  *  Peter DiCampo  *  Phillip Toledano  *  Platon  * Rinko Kawauchi  *   Stefano de Luigi  *  Steve Pyke  *  Steven Brahms  *  Tim Hetherington

    Dumbo Arts Center, 111 Front Street, Suite 212, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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    LUCEO is a proud media sponsor of the 2011 FotoVisura Pavilion.  Curated and produced by Adriana Teresa, the FotoVisura Pavilion—located in the Dumbo Arts Center—is sponsored by the Viso Lizardi Family. In this year’s exhibition, curator Adriana Teresa seeks to inspire a dialogue on how the roles we assume are a mere reflection of the life that we live; how photography can become a mirror to that life and in doing so introduce a historical narrative of an event and the experience of an individual, as well as that of a community, city, state, and a country; and, how from a human standpoint we are fragile, and this contemporary world is a humbling experience to our generation.

    Stick around Sunday, May 15th, to hear an artist talk from LUCEO’s friend and FotoVisura Grant Winner Justin Maxon @1pm at St. Anne’s Warehouse located at 38 Water St. DUMBO, Brooklyn.