2011 LUCEO Student Project Award Finalists

    LUCEO believes in the importance of long-term projects and the importance of supporting developing photographers. This is the second year that we will be giving out this award and wow, what an amazing set of entries we received for our 2011 Student Project Award. There was a diverse range of styles, ideas, abilities and locations all over the world.

    The Prizes:

    The winner, who will be announced later this month, will receive $1,000 and a mentorship from LUCEO to continue work on the top selected project. LUCEO Partner Mike Davis will also help edit the winning project and Larissa Leclair, Indie Photobook Library, will offer mentorship on the publication of a book.

    Fraction Magazine Founder David Bram will select one of the finalists to publish in the magazine.

    Lead Judge of the Student Project Award and Director of Photography at AARP Bulletin, Michael Wichita will select a finalist of the ten below to receive an assignment from AARP Bulletin.

    Now, without further adieu, here are the TOP TEN FINALISTS for the 2011 LUCEO Student Project Award:

    Collin Avery, United States

    Giulia Bianchi, United States

    Chloe Borkett, England

    Ty Cacek, United States

    Jared Iorio, United States

    David Kasnic, United States

    Maddie McGarvey
    , United States

    Anastasia Rudenko, Russia

    Daria Tuminas, Amsterdam

    Alena Zhandarova, Russia

    Final Judging:

    The top ten finalists will be judged at LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph on June 9, 2011 in Charlottesville, Virginia and then announced at the Festival.

    The Judges:

    Michael Wichita, Director of Photography, AARP Bulletin (Lead Judge)
    Larissa Leclair, Independent Photo Library
    Gillian Laub, Photographer
    Molly Roberts, Photo Editor, Smithsonian Magazine

    Best of luck to these top ten finalists and thank you to everyone who entered. If you aren’t a finalist and are still eligible next year, please develop and refine your work and submit it again in 2012.