Weekly Roundup | 7-29

    The week always moves a little slower when Kendrick Brinson is away from the trappings of our social media console.  She’s been traveling all week, working on a set of family photographs across the southeast.  She’s also not the only one away at the moment.  Daryl just landed in Pennsylvania.  The rest of us are, however, finally stationary for a few moments.  It’s a nice reprieve given that August is travel heavy for LUCEO with a third of the month committed to our ongoing group project.  We’re all looking forward to contributing a bigger chapter to that piece and are taking these final days to catch our collective breath.  

    Here’s the banter on the social media blotter for this last full week of July:


    “To Have and to Hold: The First Gay Marriages In New York City Begin” on TIME’s LightBox.

    “Washington Post photojournalist Michael S. Williamson is documenting his year-long cross-country journey armed only with a smartphone.” On Recession Road now has galleries. Check ’em out. 

    Leah Millis inspired by Preston Gannaway. 

    Too much Photoshop? 

    Diane Arbus’ obituary from 40 years ago this week.

    Market Yourself with Photo books.

    Ben Lowy and India’s New Abroad in Newsweek.

    We’re excited to have teamed up with Visura Magazine.

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sharing My Work Online by by Amy Stein.






     Paul Rigas
     Scott Brauer 
     Brooke LaValley 






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