Workshop Venezuela: Part II

    Every day I said that this workshop had nothing to do with photography. It was about emotion and uncovering your intimate side visually. I pushed and I pushed. The students would meet at 7 am and we would not leave the school until midnight each day.

    It’s amazing to me. I don’t think a single one of these students actually makes a living from photography. Some are lawyers, others are architects. One is a mother and another is a dancer. But for one weekend they all photographed with passion and it was beautiful.


    There is a whole world behind the stage that most people don’t know about. There are two different stories to tell: the one that the spectator sees, and the one that’s hidden behind. This is part of that unknown story. A story full of dedication, vulnerability and a little bit of mystery. Ballet, from the inside.


    The Antonion José de Sucre Refuge in the Ave. Los Mangos of La Florida provides shelter for 250 families – 1200 people – of the Caricuao and Catia neighborhoods; whose homes where affected by floods or are currently in high-risk areas.

    According to the latest information obtained by the Municipality, in one year and a half they will be granted new homes, to all families currently in the refuge.


    Painting my life inside out …
    A weekend by myself. Trying to picture the scenes that make my life inside out.


    It’s not the cars
    not the colors
    it’s me

    It’s how I see my country
    It’s how I feel

    Parked without remedy
    Waiting for eternity

    It’s me or we

    The engines have begun to turn off
    We have abandoned our dreams
    We got no battery, time passes and
    everything begins to fall apart


    La Florida, Calle El Retiro, Edif. Jardin Del Avila, Apto 35
    Friday 3:30 pm – Sunday 3:30 pm