Few and Far Between

    LUCEO’s ongoing project, which had a working title of “Small Town America,” is about to grow. The group has been working on this project when we can slip away in pairs or larger groups to rural areas since May of 2010. Now we’re taking a much more directed approach.

    So far we’ve been to Lebanon, Kansas, Skull Valley, Arizona, Everglades City, Florida, and Tangier Island, Virginia. APhotoEditor even gave us some love for it in July of last year (thank you). Those communities we’ve been to so far were all so receptive and open during our stops and we are so very grateful. If you check out the posts, you might even notice some comments from community members.

    For 10 days this month, August 16 through 26, David Walter Banks, Kendrick Brinson, Matt Eich, Daryl Peveto and Matt Slaby will cover rural regions in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, and Idaho. This project is about exploring ignored areas in different regions of the United States, but also about us working as a group to gather photos, interviews and video in places that most people have never been to in this beautiful country. This will be our longest trip and our first trip with more than three of us, so we’re very excited.

    If you know of a town that you don’t think should be ignored or if you have a great driving song, please leave those suggestions in the comments!

    We’ll be tweeting and blogging from the road so stay tuned.