Jared Iorio – 2011 SPA Finalist

    Haiti: Night & Day is an on-going project documenting daily life in post-earthquake Haiti. The cholera treatment centers and internally displaced persons camps are a major aspect of life for some, but they are not all that makes up life in Haiti. For most of the people I met while living here, life has moved on. It has largely gone from bad to worse, to be sure, but it has moved on. These pictures describe what the life in the earthquake zone looks like today, from a less tragic and immediate perspective. Rubble is part of the landscape now, and traditions live on. People deal with their losses in the same way that all people do. One foot in front of the other. Another day (and night) finished. Wake up, and do it again. Having originally gone to Haiti as a volunteer, not as a photographer, I may have entered into the community in a slightly different capacity than many others. I wasn’t there to make stories, but to help in a very concrete way. My relationships with people there were long-term, and intimate. I’m not sure that that translates to more intimate pictures, but the focus of these pictures is probably different than most. Except for the Vodou, maybe. Though I do think it’s important for Vodou to be presented alongside other images from Haiti, and not separated from more so-called normal content and treated as some dark, freakish “other.” While this project may be more of a flashlight into the nooks and crannies than a spotlight on the major issues, I think it has a place and can be an interesting record of what (some) Haitian life looks like today.