LUCEO STORE Grand Opening!

    We have a few exciting announcements the week. The first being the launch of our new store, simply named, LUCEO STORE.
    More than just a place to shop, the LUCEO STORE is the next step in our effort to assert more creative control over the production and distribution of our members’ work.  This endeavor includes the creation of LUCEO PRESS, our in-house publishing arm; LUCEO STORE, a retail store for our collective works; and The LUCEO Print Gallery, a specially curated body of work by our members housed within the LUCEO STORE. 

    One of the founding principles of LUCEO is the idea of working together as well as creating extended communities of support for photographers. The LUCEO STORE is a natural extension of this belief. All net sales return to our general account, part of which goes to fund the LUCEO Project Fund and the LUCEO Student Project Award as well as our contributions to KickStarter, and Flattr.

    In short, the profit from LUCEO STORE supports both the project work contained within, and the photographic community at large.

    The LUCEO STORE will feature a diverse array of creative works: limited edition and one-of-a-kind art and artifacts created by our members; books, magazines and show catalogues published by LUCEO PRESS; unique gifts and merchandise; as well as our new Print Gallery, which will feature both limited and standard edition prints.

    The store can be easily accessed at as well as from the Store tab located on the LUCEO web site.

    Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to helping you.