The Fourth Wall in Newsweek

    It’s always interesting to get new perspectives from new editors on projects I have been working with over a long time.  That’s why I was excited to see a few images resurface after Newsweek got their hands on the larger edit.  You can check out the edit on the Newsweek website here.  Also made me look forward to the future when I have time and funding to set aside for this project once more.  I was quite distraught for a while with the sporadic and spread-out nature of this particular essay.  I kept feeling like it had to be done and I was losing time with every second it wasn’t.  What I’ve gradually come to accept is that I will be a photographer who takes his time, and completes projects over the span of years and not months.  There are of course always exceptions to the rule, like when a large amount of time and funding is available, or the whole project is shot for a client with a finite time frame and deadline.  I’m happy to work within those constraints when possible, but I’m also now more accepting of the larger picture, and the longer timeline.