Weekly Roundup | 9-30

    First, special pricing on presale orders of LUCEO’s second 2×2, featuring the work of Kendrick Brinson and Matt Eich, runs out on Tuesday.  Hurry up and order!  Along with the latest issue of 2×2, we’re all exceptionally proud to have unveiled the LUCEO Store this week.  The Store includes limited edition fine art work, standard edition consumer prints, LUCEO publications, and merchandise.  Stay tuned for monthly updates and, please, let us know if there is anything special that you would like to see included in our stock (We’ve already gotten requests for Matt Eich hats and David Walter Banks knock-off beards. We’ll see about those…).


    The Houston Center for Photography has a call for entries for their 2012 Fellowship. Matt Eich and Kendrick Brinson both won in previous years and it’s a great experience. Apply.

    In honor of the LUCEO STORE’s grand opening, get special pricing on standard edition presales 

    “You Know You’re a Photojournalist When…” 

    Bob Dylan Painted a Henri Cartier-Bresson Photo? 

    We continue our quarterly $250 contribution to a great documentary photo story and Laura El-Tantawy was the recipient. Check out her proposal for exploring Egypt on our blog

    Nick Oza shares a tragic image on The Image, Deconstructed 

    Lynsey Addario’s images of “Women in the Muslim World” on The New Yorker’s Photo Booth 

    Krisanne Johnson’s “I Love You Real Fast” at The Half King October 4-November 26 

    Jessica Earnshaw’s Montefiore is featured on The Visura Spotlight 

    6 Tips to Get Your Fine Art Photography Featured Online by Photoshelter 

    Katie Falkenberg has some beautiful images of families struggling to stay afloat in the recession 

    Students! TIME is looking for the best young photographers of 2011

    Why Some Photographers Get All the Breaks 

    Once appears on the Raw File along with Kendrick Brinson’s photos

    Elliott Erwitt’s Print Archive is Donated to Ransom Center in Texas 

    Geekfest talks are going up online. Check out photographer Nicole Fruge’s talk from 2009 






    Isa Leshko 
     April Renae
     Rodrigo Lozada
     Juan Posada
     Stefan Jora 
     Kent Nishimura 
     Karen Huntt Mason
     Jozef Jakubco 
     Stephen Lee 
     Gerald Holubowicz 
     Kingsley Bigdog
     Stefan Vanthuyne ‎
     Tim Lamorte 
     Chris Langer
     Karolina Jonderko 

    Canon Enthusiast

    Tristan Spinski

    Visura Magazine



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