Weekly Roundup | 10-14

    It’s another busy week, even as the cold starts to creep over what remains of the warm months.  Kendrick Brinson just landed in Tennessee, Matt Eich just got back from South Carolina, Kevin German is continuing his motorcycle trip across Vietnam, and we’ve all dove another week deeper into the fall.  Be sure to take a look at the news, comments, and people we’ve curated from the social mediasphere and, if you’re in Atlanta tonight, David Walter Banks and Kendrick Brinson have photos in the Atlanta Celebrates Photography “Instant Gratification Show” at The Jennifer Schwartz Gallery!  Be sure to stop in and check it out.



    Thank you, Critical Exposure, for including us in the annual print auction. We love to help this great organization every year. Please go explore their site and see what other prints are including in their auction

    Kevin German is still motorcycling across Vietnam and taking images and geotagging them on this fancy map EVERY day! He had his first break-down, but he’s still moving. Check back often!

    Congratulations to all the photographers who received PDN 30 nominations this week!

    This week’s quote is something interesting to consider while editing: “Photographers mistake the emotion they feel while taking the picture as judgment that the photograph is good.” – Garry Winogrand

    Photoshop aims to end blurry photos forever. We have seen the future, and it is sharp.

    Bron Imaging has a great line-up for Shoot NYC. It takes place October 27 and 28. More information here.

    A crowd favorite! Matt Slaby’s My Diving Bell gained some new images.

    The Tim Heatherington Photo Grant deadline is soon! October 15th. MediaStorm offers more info here.

    Matt Eich’s “Elvis the Zebra” print (which you can buy in the LUCEO STORE) was National Geographic’s Photo of the Day this week.

    LUCEO STORE: New Print, First Release is David Walter Banks’ “Harvest”. Buy it here.

    If you have an iPad, you can now download the first issue of ONCE Magazine! We’re not saying that because Kendrick Brinson had work in the pilot issue or because Matt Eich has work in the first issue, we’re saying it because it’s great! Get it!

    James Whitlow Delano shows the price people pay for the things we use in “The True Price, With a Human Cost” on The New York Times Lens Blog.

    Steve Jobs was a challenge to photograph
    say photographers.

    New scholarships
    for photographers returning to school, offered by NPPA.

    Sol Neelman on The Image Deconstructed.






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     Tim Lamorte
     Chuck Dye 
     Garry Clarkson 
     Stan Kaady
     Joey Pulone 
     Tara Kocourek 
     Armando Solares 
     Eric Kayne
     John Robinson 
     Karim Ben Khelifa 
     Jan Sonnenmair 
     Jakob Carlsen
     Chip Litherland ‎
     Jason Thomas Fritz
     Jamie Frasca
     Aezran Hakim
     James Hough 
     Greg Cooper
     Critical Exposure
     Jorge Vall
     Rodrigo Lozada
     Gina Martin
     Lauren Henkin
     Jaime T Aguilar
     Jordan Dasher
     Cheryl Rutherford
     Jasmine DeFoore // Photo Editor & Consultant 



    Jason Henry

    Daniel Aaron Sprague



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