Buy Your LUCEO CUT, Exhibition January 13

    Above is the full 163′ run of the exhibition. Use the red slider to view the exhibition.   


    LUCEO Group Exhibition 25 CPW Gallery, New York January 13, 2012 Breaking from tradition, our new exhibition Greater Than The Sum combines a broad curation of each our photographers work into one 163′ run that spans the entire gallery. Rather than selling individual prints, we are selling CUTS, which give our guests the opportunity to hand cut a 24×24″ section of the print they most want.     


    Here’s How It Works:  


    Paper: Epson Somerset Velvet 255 gsm 100% Cotton Rag Ink: Epson UltraChrome K3 8 Color Pigment Ink Size: Select Up to 24×24″  All prints are printed to exacting archival standards, signed, editioned, and authenticated by all six LUCEO photographers.   


    How do I guarantee I get the portion of the show that I want? Purchasing the earlier CUTS (positions, 1, 2, 3, for example.) offer you a better chance at the section of print you want.  Later CUTS (such as positions 46, 47, 48) allow fewer options, but more opportunities for surprise.   

    I can’t be there the night of the show; can I still purchase a cut? No problem. We’re providing a guest-cutter who is ready, and willing to step up for you and make a surprise selection.  Our stand-in has excellent taste, so you are in good hands.  You can also choose to send your own representative instead. If you elect to have our stand-in cut on your behalf (or you do not show up the night of the show), we will be pleased to package and ship your cut to your provided shipping address.  

    What are the print specifications? CUTS are a continuous 24” in length by 24” in height.  Fragmented CUTS are a total of 24” in length by 24” in height.  All prints are printed on Epson Somerset Velvet 255 gsm 100% Cotton Rag with Epson UltraChrome K3 ink to exacting archival specifications.

    I want to frame my print; will there be sufficient margin space to accommodate framing? Yes. There will be a 2″ margin of (white) space on the top and bottom of each cut.  As the CUTS will be made from continuous strips, the printed image will span to the edges on either side. How will cuts be made? You will make cuts live at the show with a pair of scissors. Cuts must be vertical and straight. Cutters may take no more than 24” of print from the wall.  

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