From the Archive

    From the Archive is a regular column that features one image from our archive and appears every Thursday. LUCEO Images has a thorough group archive (keyword search bar, top right) and it can be at the LUCEO Image Archive.

    This week we are featuring an archive image taken by Kevin German in Vietnam.
    About This Image:

    “When you begin to live in a place long enough, you tend to see the same things year-after-year. When I worked in newspapers, I tended to let that get to me. I would grow slightly bitter at the thought of photographing another festival or county fair that I had done previously. The photographs would be hard to find because I would make them hard to find.

    I have lived in Vietnam for four years now. The longest I have lived any where since college. Yet I am still often wide-eyed at the situations that present themselves here.

    This particular photograph just is a basic moment. But the situation has stayed with me for some time now. I was photographing at a school for the deaf in central Vietnam for a NGO. In this school the boys and girls have separate living quarters. Every morning they prepare for their studies by showering and getting cleaned up. They squat in a line and brush their teeth. They help each other shampoo their hair with a garden hose. And they hang up laundry to dry throughout the day.

    It’s a basic daily chore but presented to me in such a unique way. And it all goes on around you like children playing on playground. It’s deeply satisfying visually.” – Kevin German

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