From the Archive

    From the Archive is a regular column that features one image from our archive and appears every Thursday. LUCEO Images has a thorough group archive (keyword search bar, top right) and it can be found here.

    This week we are featuring an image shot by David Walter Banks from an independent action film.

    About this Image:

    “This was a photograph I created during a brief stint as the director of photography for an independent action movie in Atlanta in 2008.  On this particular day I had to get away from my big heavy HD camera and shoot a few stills.  This was my first foray into working on a project that was bigger than myself in which I was just one of many working parts.  I learned the excitement and beauty of working as a team, but I also learned of the dangers and pitfalls.  For me, these ideas laid the groundwork to start thinking towards the types of group projects LUCEO is moving towards today.

    For this scene, we spent the day in a dingy boiler room working to capture the look of true terror through the eyes of our torture victim.  In this moment, while a colleague was doing the video work, our actor gave us the perfect look of resignation after all the pleading and begging.  This project also showed me the joy of working with a gaffer who understood my creative vision, and could realize those ideas with only the slightest direction.  And yes, I prefer a colorful surreal world to that of reality.” – David Walter Banks

    You can see this and many more real gun photos in our archive here.