From the Archive

    From the Archive is a regular column that features one image from our archive and appears every Thursday. LUCEO Images has a thorough group archive (keyword search bar, top right) and it can be at the LUCEO Image Archive.

    This week we are featuring an image of a father and son by Daryl Peveto made while on assignment in Mexico. 

    About This Photo:
    My son is two now. It is still really hard to say goodbye to him, even for a few days. I grew up without a father, which makes me think about my time away from him with great care. I made this image of a father and son asleep in a chair while I was wandering the streets off the Bahia De Puerto Marquez in Acapulco. They were waiting for the boy’s mother to finish cleaning up her food stand.

    It was such a tender moment for me. The tenderness with which the father was holding his son, both exhausted, struck a chord. The strain on families today require both parents to be attuned caregivers, balancing the responsibilities of home and work. I thought for a moment about my son, the times he has fallen asleep on me and it made me smile.


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