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    This week we are featuring an image by Daryl Peveto from his coverage of Occupy LA. 

    About This Photo:
    “I first visited the Occupy LA encampment as part of an assignment for TIME (see that post).  I decided to go back several times before the eviction as a part of a broad project looking at the state of the economy and politics. I was impressed at the breadth of that protest and equally impressed by most of those that I interviewed. On the night of the eviction, I was headed to bed and caught the details from the news. The eviction is not really part of the larger story I was interested in, but I went anyway.

    It was really overwhelming to witness the number of officers and how they conducted the eviction. Just before it took place, all journalists and photographers were forced to leave or face arrest, less a small pool that was predetermined days before. I refused to leave along with several others and was eventually forced to leave. But not before having the opportunity to voice my strong complaints with the PIO in charge, Andy Neiman. Allowing five or so outlets that are all owned by larger corporations document the eviction of a protest against corporate greed was not exactly fair and transparent. My complaint was not intended for the photographers from these organizations, whom I am sure did a great job of covering this fairly,  but rather at the larger institutional issue the situation raised. 

    Despite Lieutenant Neiman’s busy schedule he took the time to hear my concerns and gave me and three other photographers an escort through the eviction giving us access even the pool did not have. I made this image during that tour. To me the photo shows the volume and organization of the police presence, surrounding the symbol of the protest: the tent.

    This story also taught me that taking a principled stance when you believe you are right, while also being polite and reasonable, can sometimes yield a positive outcome.” – Daryl Peveto


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