From the Archive

    From the Archive is a regular column that features one image from our archive and appears every Thursday. LUCEO Images has a thorough group archive (keyword search bar, top right) and it can be at the LUCEO Image Archive.

    This week we are featuring an archive image taken in Memphis, Tennessee by Kendrick Brinson.

    About the Image:

    “Last year, I headed to Memphis for The FADER to photograph the city’s hip hop scene. The writer and I had a list of rappers and producers to interview and photograph. One artist on our list, Yo Gotti, had left Memphis to “make it” so to speak and had achieved success. His single was playing alongside Waka Flocka on the radio. He and rapper Zed Zilla stopped by our hotel for a very quick interview and portrait. I only had a few minutes to get an image of him and decided to do it outside the hotel to avoid the flat hotel lobby light and to not waste limited time. We went to the edge of the parking garage and I snapped a few images with my flash and then this car came around the corner, so I took this image with the ambient light from the car’s passing taillights. It was a nice moment because he stopped doing stereotypical rapper poses briefly and the image was more about color and light and simplicity than predictability, which I appreciated.”

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