Greater Than the Sum

    In January of 2012, 500 people showed up on a cold, New York Night to cut up our artwork with scissors.  It wasn’t a misguided flash mob — it’s what we asked them to do.  The show, titled Greater Than The Sum, wrapped the entire gallery in a 162 foot-scroll of photographs, carefully blended and overlaid atop one another so as to be seamless and inseparable.  PDN writes that the show highlighted LUCEO’s “ability to connect, collaborate and create.”
    Over the course of the evening, our audience collaborated in the final presentation of the artwork by cutting portions of it from the wall, creating something altogether new and unique.  We asked them to engage the work in the way we work as photographers: by making subjective decisions from an objective whole.  By midnight, only a handful of sliver-ish scraps remained.  The show had sold out, with dozens of cuts made, removed, signed, and authenticated by LUCEO.    


    This digital slider shows the whole print as it was envisioned.


    Additional details about the show are recounted here: