Luceo is a Creative Visual Agency

Good ideas are the currency of connection. And there are a lot of different ways to share them. We make movies. We make pictures. We tell stories to a generation that shows you with Instagram, speaks with Twitter, and knows that a damn good, authentic story is always worth sharing.

In the beginning we broke a lot of rules. Luceo started as a rag-tag band of young magazine photographers hashing out the future over pizza boxes on the floor of an apartment. Seriously. We dreamed of new things, rarely walked on the path, almost always colored outside of the lines. 

Our goal has always been to connect with others. And we know that if you want to capture peoples' imaginations – really, truly reach their hearts – you have to tell them something different, something they don't already know, something that engages them and challenges how they see the world. Everything else is boring.

We're up for a good challenge; tell us how we can help you.