Our favorite clients believe, like us, that we can make the world a better place.  That important piece of shared ground means a lot to us when we consider the type of projects we are most passionate about undertaking.  It’s an important part of our company’s history.  Luceo opened its doors in 2007 as an organization of photojournalists charged with telling socially meaningful stories for some of the world’s most reputable publications.  Our passion for the people and issues we covered fueled our desire to make positive changes with the stories we told.

In 2012 we began putting our values through their paces, partnering with public and private institutions to help them create strategic media that directly advocates for positive change.  It was a watershed moment for us, resulting in a series of public health projects with our government and private partners to improve the health and welfare of their respective constituencies.  

In recent years our creative services have helped influence public policy, educate key demographics, and influence the course of public health in the United States.  The secret?  We simplify complicated and nuanced stories into their core human elements by letting real people tell their stories directly to those who need to hear them the most.  The results are authentic, honest, emotional, and immediately connective.  Good stories change lives.  

Do you think, like us, that the world can be a better place?  Let’s talk: