Decarceration Project Website: Bail Reform, Explained

The Decarceration Project represents the Legal Aid Society's flagship program advocating for just and equitable bail reform in the state of New York.  To explain and further their initiative, Luceo worked with the Project to design and create a new website along with a series of training tools and explainers that illustrate the impact that simple bail reform has on the lives of impacted communities and jail populations.  The fact of the matter is compelling: modest bail reform in the state of New York would suffice to eliminate the need for Rikers Island, one of the most notorious and scandal-plagued jails in the United States.  It would also result in a more equitable dispensation of justice for people charged with crimes.

Take a spin through the Decarceration Project's website to learn more.  Not only did we produce the website, we also produced a tool (on the front page) that allows visitors to see how changes to bail policy could impact prison populations.  Additionally, Luceo created a series of explainer animations featuring readings of letters written by people represented by the lawyers attached to the project.

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