Engaging Audiences

Greater than the Sum

An art opening should engage and challenge attendees. It is, after all, about more than just sipping wine.  A good opening is about ideas and how those ideas move the greater sum of society forward. In January of 2012 Luceo set out to challenge the notion of what an art opening should be. We created a 163-foot run of overlayed and blended images that literally wrapped and the entire gallery from door to door. Then we did the unthinkable: we asked everyone in attendance to cut it apart. The results? We sold the entire show out in two-foot sections in just a matter of hours leaving the gallery empty.  Just as it began.


To engage attendees of the Greater than the Sum opening by asking them to interact with the art as it was presented. Attendees where challenged to subjectively create their own works of art by cutting selections for their private collections from a contiuous 163-foot run of blended photographs wrapping the gallery from door-to-door.


Luceo created an online point of purchase structure allowing attendees to reserve a “cut” from the artwork as it was presented. A pricing structure was established so that high-end collectors could participate along with ordinary souvenir hunters. During the opening, attendees were called on one-by-one to cut their work from the wall. The effect of watching the work being removed created visual scarcity helping drive sales of the work while simultaneously forcing attendees to engage in the highly subjective role of being an art-creator.


Greater than the Sum sold out. In a matter of hours. More than 500 people attended the opening and Luceo received media attention from several prominent blogs and publications including Harpers, The New York Times, PDN, and CNN.  

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