Kikkerland Design

Kikkerland makes people happy.  It is a design company that brings eclectic, creative, and whimsical products to life.  Their portfolio of products are simple and delightful —and it is often the subtleties of how they work that are the primary appeal to their consumers.


A lot of Kikkerland’s products move.  Which is a problem if your website is using still pictures to entice  potential customers to buy the product.  Our challenge was to figure out a way to bridge that gap —to create a portfolio of visuals that would creatively demonstrate the movement of the products in order to improve Kikkerland’s e-commerce sales funnel.  


Luceo consulted with Kikkerland  before concepting and developing a series of social media friendly assets which could be easily integrated into the company’s e-commerce site.  Luceo carefully inventoried Kikkerland’s catalog for products that relied on some kind of motion or clever gimmick as their main function before crafting a series of animated gifs and video shorts designed to demonstrate  their functionality in a clear, fun, and succinct way.


The videos fall into two categories: documentary shorts which focus on the real stories of Kikkerland’s eclectic stable of designers and humorous fictitious shorts which bring specific products to life.  The most recently-released of these shorts focuses on Kikkerland’s Solar Queen, a casted doll of the Queen of England that uses solar energy to power her Queen’s wave.  To highlight the humorous nature of the product, Luceo scripted and storyboarded a 30 second web parody of Step Up in which two rival gangs of Solar Queens square off to strut the only thing they can do: wave at one another.    


Dozens of gifs and the first two in a series of video shorts focusing on Kikkerland’s products and their designers have been integrated into Kikkerland’s e-commerce site and shared globally among Kikkerland’s fans and consumers.  Production is underway for follow-up mini documentaries featuring more of Kikkerland’s designers.