Vietnam’s Next Top Model

Adapting a western television franchise for the Asian market requires skill, sensibility, and robust production.  See how Luceo worked with Vietnam's Next Top Model, on and off the air, to help it become the country's most widely viewed program.


To help adapt a western television franchise for the developing market in Vietnam.  The core challenge was in bringing high-level visual production and on-air talent fitting with the franchise's well-established aesthetic. 


Luceo filled the role of Director of Still Photography, managing a staff to plan and execute on-air photo shoots, production stills, and to develop the program's marketing materials.  Luceo oversaw the concepting and production of still images and managed a hair and makeup team, directed location managers, prop and set design team, retouchers, and lighting.  Luceo's representative also appeared as on-air talent in a complete season of 13 episodes photographing and judging the show while providing direction to the models as they developed throughout the season.


Vietnam's Next Top Model rocketed to the top of the ratings chart, becoming the county's most viewed program in history and commanding the number one time slot on television.  

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