15 Seconds of Truth for the 12th National Harm Reduction Conference

This October Luceo travelled to New Orleans to film real people sharing their true stories about how harm reduction has touched their lives, 15 seconds at a time.  Luceo spent four days in the Big Easy at the 12th National Harm Reduction Conference --our third --giving voice to attendees. The conference focuses on modes of working with people who use drugs to help minimize preventable harms while providing people with fundamental dignity and agency over their lives.  As an approach, harm reduction faces growing fanfare for tackling an escalating overdose crisis in the United States.  The videos Luceo produced feature voices from a broad cross-section of harm reductionists and were featured during the conference's closing plenary and on related social media platforms.

Supervised Use, Explained, in a Mailer for New Legislators

admin - December 22, 2018

In late 2018, the Denver City Council overwhelmingly voted to open a supervised use site in the city.  Supervised use is a clinically-proven harm reduction practice that promotes public health...

Decarceration Project Website: Bail Reform, Explained

admin - October 24, 2018

The Decarceration Project represents the Legal Aid Society's flagship program advocating for just and equitable bail reform in the state of New York.  To explain and further their initiative, Luceo...

Visualizing The Overdose Crisis at Photoville

admin - October 24, 2018

72,306 people died of drug overdoses in 2017.  That number eclipses the highest previous year by more than 10%, accounting for more than 198 deaths each day.  To understand the...