2012 Finalist – Nicholas Venaglia

My Transplanted Home


Since moving to the Bay Area in early 2008, I have kept an ongoing photographic journal of my transplanted home. My work is a document of my immediate surroundings, as well as specific journeys to small towns around San Francisco. Recently, I have began to document my holiday trips back to my home state of New Mexico. In doing so, I have found that I know little about my former home. Having spent the majority of my childhood in the city of Albuquerque, I realized I had yet to explore the remaining 121,408 square miles of the state. Often referred to as the Land of Entrapment, I believe this sentiment rings true with a lot of Albuquerque natives. Being such a vast state, where traveling 100’s of miles without a single trace of humanity is the norm, many natives stay within the comfort of the city limit, as they often have little reason to venture out. This project is not meant as a homesick love letter but that of an outsider’s curiosity. In working with LUCEO, I hope to document New Mexico, traveling across the state, focusing on the small towns and villages that occupy the landscape.