Supervised Use, Explained, in a Mailer for New Legislators

In late 2018, the Denver City Council overwhelmingly voted to open a supervised use site in the city.  Supervised use is a clinically-proven harm reduction practice that promotes public health and reduces the occurrence of fatal overdoses.  The council legislation provides a space for people to use drugs in the presence of professionals trained in how to reverse an opioid overdose.  (Don't know about harm reduction or supervised use?  See our helpful primer videos here and here)  The site still faces one more vote in the Colorado State Legislature which is why we worked with the Harm Reduction Action Center to create a mailer explaining the effectiveness and importance of the site along with an invitation to tour the agency.

The explainer, boxed inside of a modified first-aid kit, contains three cards which assemble to form a replica of a supervised use booth.  The cards highlight the three main arguments for the legislation which recipients will be asked to vote on in their new term.  Supervised Use Sites:

  1. Don't cost taxpayers a dime;
  2. Are effective at preventing fatal overdoses; and
  3. Provide for greater public health and order.

Stay tuned for the related press packet, social media campaign, and final vote.




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