2017 saw a record number of fatal overdoses in the United States.  To combat the Overdose Crisis, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation challenged organizations to create technology enabled tools to help support and connect individuals affected by opioid dependency.


To create an application to prevent fatal overdoses.


In 2017 a record 72,000 people died of drug overdoses in the United States.  As many as one in ten of these overdoses happens in public spaces.  Often, the person overdosing is only discovered after it is too late for emergency intervention.

The Solution

Luceo developed Canary, an application that works to reduce the occurrence of fatal overdoses by creating an alarm —either audible or intra-device —that warns others of a person’s sustained inactivity.


The concept was named as a finalist for the Robert Wood Johnson Opioid Challenge for which it received funding to further its development.

Services Rendered
App Concept and Creative
Visual Design and Wireframes
IOS App Coding