Drug Policy Alliance

Care About This

The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is a national organization that advocates for a new approach to drug policy rooted in science, compassion, and human rights.  Historically, their work has centered on marijuana decriminalization and legalization, criminal justice reform, and expanding and improving access to harm reduction services.  Care About This encompasses a brand video and a series of social media shorts that implore the viewer to care about (and get involved in) these issues.

To create a brand video that expressed DPA’s work and impact on marijuana policy, criminal justice reform, and the expansion of harm reduction services in the United States.


Current and potential constituents, funders, and partners of DPA.

Recognizing that policy reform is abstract by nature, Luceo scripted a brand video that paired interviews with DPA staff and  stakeholders with animation and motion graphics that illustrated these topics.  The brand video was supplemented and supported by a series of social media mini-documentaries that highlighted individuals whose stories and connection to DPA’s core issues served as living proof of their mission and vision.

Services Rendered
Video Production
Video Postproduction
Motion Graphics and Animation
Musical Composition