Harm Reduction Coalition

15 Seconds of Truth at the 12th National Harm Reduction Conference


The 2018 National Harm Reduction Conference comes at a time when harm reduction, health care, and drug policy reform have entered a dynamic and critical phase. The prescription opioid and heroin overdose epidemic has captured national attention, with renewed focus on transmission of HIV and viral hepatitis among people who use drugs. These trends are reshaping the policy and public health landscapes, making harm reduction more urgent and relevant than ever before.

The biennial conference is the only conference of its kind in the United States. For four days some of the most creative minds from the US and abroad come together to address a myriad of complex issues facing the harm reduction movement. A diverse community of people who use drugs, social justice activists, service providers, healthcare workers, researchers, policymakers, public health officials, and law enforcement— all coming together to put an end to the harms and injustices caused by the War on Drugs.


To create a series of video shorts contextualizing the role of harm reduction in the lives of conference attendees.

Facebook, Instagram, Projections during the conference


Luceo constructed a video booth and production workflow allowing conference-goers to stop in and share their truth about harm reduction.  A interviewer was stationed in the booth to help each speaker refine their thoughts to match the format’s brevity.  Each take was edited in real-time and shared through the Harm Reduction Coalition’s social media channels.  A supercut featuring the highlights of each video short was produced and played during the conference’s closing plenary.

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