International Trucking

International Trucking

Authenticity requires good characters.  International Trucking needed real drivers of their trucks to give their product a real face for a campaign called 'The Voice of the Trucker Needs to be Heard'.  See how Luceo set about finding true-to-life brand ambassadors for one of the oldest truck manufacturers in the country.


International Trucking's slogan, 'The Voice of the Trucker Needs to be Heard,' required real faces and real stories to give volume to the voice of their clients.


Luceo and Fathom Communications developed a casting system for finding real truckers who used and loved their International Trucks.  By finding authentic stories in places most comfortable and familiar to transportation professionals – the American truck stop – Luceo was able to craft stories and images that didn't need scripting.


The resulting images appeared in trade show and publicity materials targeting real, independent truckers in places where International's products are leased and sold.