Let People Vote —ACLU’s People Power Campaign Projections

The ACLU’s Let People Vote campaign advances four simple ideas: voting should be easier, voter suppression schemes should go the way of the dinosaurs, people who have served their time should be allowed to vote and fully participate in society, and partisan gerrymandering is patently undemocratic.

To create a series of large format projections around Washington, DC during the 2017 midterms that highlight the Let People Vote campaign and engage conversation among DC’s diverse constituency.

Target Channel and Audience
The primary deliverables were video shorts and still images for use and propagation through the ACLU’s robust social media network.  Although the projections happened in Washington, DC, the channel was decidedly social media in order to reach the full breadth of the ACLU’s national office.

Unlike traditional engagement and experiential campaigns, large scale projections are most effective at reaching a secondary audience via social media.

In support of this mission, Luceo created social production teams that followed our projectionists throughout Washington, DC documenting the projections and creating a library of social content with people who engaged with the projections.  That library was then shared widely over the ACLU’s social media channels to highlight the importance of the Let People Vote campaign.  Each team was led by a producer who engaged interviewees in a series of questions about the role of voting, their values and thoughts on the mission of Let People Vote, and their reaction to the campaign.

Services Rendered
Projection and Experiential Production
Photography and production services
Video and production services
Graphic Design
Projection Services